Guest message from Gail Foote 5.15.23

Celebrating Our Child Development Center

The Child Development Center has been experiencing a renewal. Many of you have noticed how much brighter the center looks with all the new paint, furniture, toys, and a safer playground.  A delightful mural has just been created by West Point’s own extremely talented Deborah Mansfield. All who see it leave with a smile, and the children and parents love it!

In addition to the physical changes, the Center is experiencing new energy led by the staff, the CDC Board and many volunteers. Church members have often moved out of their comfort zones to lead Monday chapel or Friday reading sessions with these lovely children. Others are organizing toys, books, and games in the resource room to make everything readily accessible. Everyone wants to be appreciated, especially those who work with some of God’s greatest blessings, so volunteers provide treats each Friday to emphasize the importance of the CDC employees. Besides these improvements, plans for new activities are in the works.

The Center would like to recognize the individuals who are giving their time and talents this year to create a special place for the children and staff.

Elizabeth Bailey                                     Wilma Hinshaw

Joyce Brister                                          Holly Hitt

Jane Caston                                            Janet Jameson

Donna Cook                                          George Purnell

Rebecca DeSantis                                   Luann Purnell

Anna Dill                                              Lona Rosetti

Jean Dill                                                Judy Sanders

Linda Drake                                           Melanie Sanders

Darian Duckworth                                  Sara Frances Stubbs

Dee Echols                                            Jessi Sugg

Mary Carr Ecklund                                 Rachel Wood

Gail Foote                                             Kathy Wood

Julie Gray                                              Ann Wade

Diane Haas                                            Elizabeth Zepponi

Debbie Hinshaw                                  Pam Carson

 Ann Jameson

If you, too, want to join this list of talented volunteers, the CDC would love to have you.  Please contact George Purnell (662-295-3738) or Anna Dill (662-481-7805) if you are interested.

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