Message from Staff Parish Chair

Members of the FUMC West Point Congregation,

A few weeks ago, I spoke to the congregation during the Glory Sightings Moment. I took the time to highlight our wonderful group of youth and youth volunteers. Our youth are the future of not only our congregation, but also of our community, state, and world. Supporting our youth is vitally important to supporting our church.

As most of you know, we have been searching for a Director of Youth Ministries since the beginning of the year. Despite efforts by the committee members, no viable candidates have been identified. Throughout the history of the church, leaders have emerged from what seems like unlikely places. Think of Jesus’ Disciples and the early leaders of the church! As we talk with the youth and the parents, the perfect leader isn’t someone of a particular age or someone with a particular degree. Our youth need someone who has a strong love of Christ and someone willing to share that with them. They need someone to support them in their growth as young adults and young Christians. They need someone to plan activities and lessons to help them build on their faith and take it to others in the community.

As you pray for our youth and the search for a Director of Youth Ministries, I also ask that you go beyond asking for someone else to step up. Do you know of someone who loves the Lord and wants to share that excitement with our amazing youth? Are you that person who is willing to share your love and support? The Staff Parish Relations Committee is dedicated to this search, and we welcome all the prayers, suggestions, and leads. Our youth are worth all the efforts!

Laura Tinsley, Chairman SPRC

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