Pastor’s Message 1/30/24

Born in Jail

If you were in worship this past Sunday, you know that we adopted a puppy. We named him Leroy, and he is quickly becoming acquainted with church life! He’s been invited to help lead confirmation and will probably be back for future lessons in the children’s sermons. If you need his help in your Sunday school class or event, please let me (his secretary) know.

Leroy actually came from the Choctaw County jail, one of seven puppies born to a dog cared for by the staff and inmates. One by one, the puppies have been adopted to new homes. Though they were born in a place of incarceration, through love they have been set free to new homes. His name means, “the king,” and while we are working daily to make sure he doesn’t “reign” in the house, we also remind him that he is a beloved pup of God.

In Romans 8:2, Paul writes, “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.” Because we are all sinners, we are all “imprisoned” without Christ Jesus. His life and love have opened a door for us to be adopted as children of God. But do we truly live as a free people?

On Sunday we also talked about praying with confidence and authority. As children of God, we have every reason to be confident that Christ Jesus hears us. We have been set free to serve the one who freed us! Let us boldly pray and confidently live as a people of grace who are consistently extending grace to others.

all good things to each of you,
dr. d.

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