Pastor’s message 2/14/2023

Moving Forward as a Congregation


In January, the Administrative Council voted unanimously to postpone a congregational vote on disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church.  The Council realized that even they didn’t have a deep understanding about the process, why we were in the process, or what the options are for our church. The vote to postpone will provide time for all the members of our church to study scripture, pray, and seek discernment about our way forward.  Dr. Darian is leading the way now in helping us carry out these important practices together.  She called together a small but diverse group of members to begin thinking about ways to accomplish these goals.  Shane Alpe, Elizabeth Bailey, Freddie Brister, Pam Carson, Jack Jameson and Laura Tinsley gathered around the pastor’s dining table and began the discussion.  Steven White was unable to attend.

Concerns that were expressed and discussed include the importance of :

  • Focusing on the why of disaffiliation as well as the how;
  • Avoiding hurry in the process, but moving steadily and prayerfully;
  • Learning about all options;
  • Keeping communication open;
  • Sharing information in a variety of ways;
  • Understanding our mission and purpose as this particular congregation.

Two priorities seemed to emerge from the discussion.   First, we want to inform the congregation of the reasons that have brought us to this point along with the procedures to move forward. Second, and equally important, we want to bring our vision for West Point FUMC into clear focus as we continue to carry out our mission as God’s people in this place.  To this end Laura Tinsley has agreed to lead the visioning goal and Freddie Brister the informational goal.  The group members expressed deep faith that as God leads us, we will grow as a church in ways we never dreamed.

The committee will meet again to set dates for sharing with the congregation.  Please contact any member if you have suggestions.

Elizabeth Bailey

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