Pastor’s message 4.17.23

Easter Worship Series: Celebrations

We have entered into a 50-day celebration of the resurrection that begins with the empty tomb and concludes with our Lord Jesus returning to his Father at the ascension. As I began planning for this Easter worship series, I noticed something significant: every single Sunday already had a celebration built into it!

Over the years, you’ve heard me refer frequently to “glory sightings,” a term Bishop Swanson lifted up in his tenure as our leader, to remind us to be on the lookout for signs of God’s presence that we must celebrate. Bishop Swanson retired in December, and he served as pastor and mentor to our new bishop, Sharma Lewis. She has continued to hold up the need to give thanks, praise God, and celebrate his glory in our lives.

During the Easter season, we will have a glory sighting each Sunday. From Children’s Sabbath to scouting to Methodist Senior Services, and more, there will be no shortage of joy in how God is moving. I could list for you what is in store for each Sunday…. but how much more glorious would it be simply to show up & see & be surprised by where resurrection is at work?

May the glory of the risen Christ accompany and strengthen you this week. Let us give him our thanks and praise, for he has conquered the grave!

all good things to each of you,

dr darian

An Update From the Administrative Council: At our March 5 question & answer session regarding unrest in the denomination, we gathered your questions and have been working on answering them. Compiling unbiased information has been much more difficult than anticipated, and know that we are working to get accurate answers to you in the next week and before Administrative Council meets on April 30.


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