Pastor’s Message 4.24.23

What’s Bringing Us Joy in April


Every month I like to set aside a week in the newsletter to share what I’ve been watching, reading, or listening to. My hope is that in sharing with you what brought me joy, that you will pay attention to what brings you joy as well.

The Book of Common Courage by KJ Ramsey (book): The subtitle of this prayer book is, “Prayers and Poems to Find Strength in Small Moments,” and it is perfect for all moments. I’ve been meditating on one or two pages each night before going to bed, and it’s helping me sleep better! Ramsey is a therapist and poet who frames the book around Psalm 23, and she brings in other Scriptures to complement it.

 Ted Lasso: Season 3 (TV show): The first time I ever shared monthly “joys,” I included in the list seasons 1-2 of Ted Lasso. The third season is releasing weekly on Apple TV, and I still look forward to each new episode. As a reminder, this is a show about a football coach from Kansas who is hired to coach “football” in England (aka soccer, of course). It has always been funny and sweet, but it has also become an excellent look into mental health. The characters are worth meeting and knowing, but keep in mind the language and some scenes are not for the youngest ears and eyes.

 The Vigil by David Nevue (music): On Good Friday, pianists David Nevue and Joe Buongiorno shared a fabulous piano concert from Arizona on YouTube. One of the pieces David Nevue played was from an album he composed in 1999. The Vigil came to him as a way of praying on his church’s piano one night, and he composed most of the album in that one night. It is also a wonderful resource for good sleep.

 I would love to hear what’s bringing you joy this month!

 all good things to each of you,

dr d


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