Pastor’s message 9.4.23

Finding “Good Dog”

Like many of you, I look forward to Prairie Arts Festival every Labor Day weekend. One vendor whose work I especially enjoy perusing is Scott McQueen. Not only is he a fun and engaging conversationalist, each piece of his folk art is a conversation in itself!

 A few years back, I bought a painting of a train that he did and gave it to my dad. Then last year I bought a church made of wood and buttons for myself. This year, I looked forward to his newest creations and wondered if one would “find” me. Pretty soon after walking up, I saw it:

 It was a painting on wood of a smiling white dog, with a crown on his head, and the words, “GOOD DOG,” glued on. It looked like a compact and simplified rendering of my beloved dog, Isaac, who passed away two months ago. Of course, I had to have it—and poor Scott got an earful as I told him the story of Isaac!

 Prairie Arts always reminds me of the ways God is showing up with His wonders and marvels. There was no way that Scott McQueen knew about a dog named Isaac (who believed he was king) in West Point, but God used his gifts to provide me with a reminder of God’s presence —and humor. Such signs of God’s loving and caring presence are everywhere. Do we open our eyes long enough to see them?

 Let us be on the lookout today for sightings of his glory and signs of his presence!

all good things to each of you,

Dr. Darian

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