Pastor’s Message – April 28, 2020

Simply, Slowly, Sharing

Dearly Beloved Friends,

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve sought the Lord’s guidance about decisions and next steps for our congregation amid the COVID-19 crisis, two words continually echoed in my heart: simple and slow.

Keep it simple. Take your time.

While I know the Lord was speaking this to me as an individual, I believe the message might resonate with many of us. Quarantine has slowed many of us down, and reading about the world’s suffering has likely made us more grateful for life’s simple things. We are eager to resume activities and return to social gatherings with one another, but we must not do so with haste.

We will be in touch in the days and weeks to come about how governor’s orders and CDC guidelines continue to affect our congregation, but in the meantime I want to ask you to find simple, slow ways of sharing God’s love to one another from a safe social distance.

One of the ways you can help your church to share the good news is quite simple. Colby Brister, who is a part of our “dream team” in Sunday worship, told me yesterday of a way that we can reach more people with our Facebook page. On Sunday mornings, when you pull up the live video of our worship service on the church’s Facebook page, click SHARE before 11:10AM, and share it to your personal page. The way that Facebook works, the more “shares” we get of that live video in the first ten minutes, the greater our reach will be. Liking and commenting on the video are good also, but clicking “share” increases our visibility on Facebook.

Don’t you love how simply clicking a “share” button can share the good news? What are the other “share buttons” in your life you might click this week to simply and slowly show Jesus’ love?

I pray it is well with your soul today, and all good things to each of you,
Dr. D.

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