Pastor’s Message – August 23, 2022

What’s Bringing Us Joy In August

Every month I like to take a moment and share what I’ve been reading, watching, or listening to that has brought me joy over the past month. The hope is that in sharing what has lifted my spirit, you will take time to ask God what has lifted your spirit as well.

Kim’s Convenience (TV show): Twenty-one minute episodes? Check. A delightful family that bickers and loves and everything in between? Check. A realistic portrait of a clergywoman as a side character? Sold. I’m late to the game on this gem of a TV show, but there is no deadline to enjoy the Kim family and their fictitious convenience store in Toronto. I’m only halfway through season two and look forward to spending time with them when I wind down in the evenings.

The Edge of Discipleship by Darrell W. Johnson (book): Worship leader Brooke Ligertwood shared in an interview that the songs on her live album, Seven, were birthed from reading this study on the book of Revelation. I loved the album already, and now I’m savoring this revelation on Revelation that Johnson, a Canadian pastor, shares in this in-depth study. I’m taking my time walking through this beautifully complex book that is not nearly as scary as we make it sometimes. I’m also realizing I have a Canadian theme going here…

Interview with Kristene DiMarco on Trevor Talks (podcast/You Tube): Journalist Trevor Tyson, host of Trevor Talks, which is available on his You Tube channel or wherever you get podcasts, interviewed a worship leader whose songs I’ve loved for a while. Kristene DiMarco is a part of Bethel Music, and she sat down with him to talk about her new album, The Field. It is very unusual album with some rich lyrics I have to listen to repeatedly to let them ‘sink in.’ I loved hearing her story of relationship with God and how He has formed her into a worship leader.

I’d love to hear what’s bring you joy this month and all year long!

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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