Pastor’s Message – July 12, 2022

Why We Call Ourselves ‘Methodist’

Over the past month, Ralph Weems and I have spoken with many of you about happenings in our United Methodist denomination at June’s Wednesday Night Supper and in Sunday school classes. Thank you for all of your good questions and your listening ears. If you weren’t able to attend any of these conversations and have some questions, please reach out to me, and we can fill you in.

This week is the 2022 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference in Tupelo. Ralph and I will attend as your representatives, and we look forward to sharing with you what we learn. This will be Bishop Swanson’s last year to preside at our Annual Conference. While he still plans to retire, he has agreed to remain as our bishop in Mississippi through the end of December. In November, elections for new bishops will take place. Bishop Swanson agreed to stay a bit longer than he originally planned to ensure a smooth transition for our next bishop at the start of 2023. Please keep Bishop & Mrs. Swanson in your prayers as they continue to lead us. This is about the 3rd time he has delayed

When brothers John and Charles Wesley began meeting in small groups for further study and prayer with theology students, people called them, “Methodist,” as a term of derision. People made fun of all their ‘methods’ in their small gatherings. But with time, and the realization of how powerful these small groups were, the term transformed into a good one, admired and respected.

Yes, we have a lot of ‘methods,’ especially when it comes to the business of our Church at Annual Conference. But isn’t it comforting and encouraging to know that the Holy Spirit moves and transforms our methods into something even better when we ask Him to do so? Let us pray together that all our methods will be used for God’s glory.

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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