Pastor’s Message – May 19, 2020

A Word from Our Staff Parish Chair and Pastor

Bishop James Swanson, Sr. and the Cabinet of the Mississippi Conference, during the Appointment Sessions, worked prayerfully together to appoint clergy to every church in our Annual Conference. As Chairperson of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee, I give thanks for the ministry of our pastor, Rev. Dr. Darian Duckworth, who has been a servant leader among us. It is my pleasure to announce that our pastor is reappointed to serve for another year. We ask for your prayers for her.
Dr. D, as we know her, as been a true leader during the trying times we have faced so far in 2020. More so than ever, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our entire church staff. Julie, Gail, Rachel, Kyle, Polly, Jace, Ron and Paul have done a tremendous job ensuring that our church continues to be a functional and vital part of all of our lives. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as move to our new “normal”.
Let us pray:
“Lord Jesus Christ, our Living Savior, we give you thanks for out church. It is a gift of grace to us. We are deeply grateful for the leadership of Rev. Darian Duckworth who has served us as pastor, teacher, leader, and friend in Christ. May your grace be upon her and her family in the spiritual adventure that lies ahead. As she continues as our pastor, we pray for her. May your grace abound in her life, giving peace, joy, and confidence in this continuing journey. May we remember to lift up the churches and pastors throughout Mississippi that share this time with us. Empower us to fulfill your mission of making disciples as WE serve you. AMEN”

Sincerely, Chris Jester, Chairperson Pastor Parish Relations Committee

I give thanks for the leadership of our staff-parish relations committee and the opportunity to serve alongside you for another year! I also wanted to echo what Chairman Chris Jester has said about the wonderful work of our church staff during this crisis. Much of their work has been unseen, and if I were to list everything that they’ve been doing to keep our church actively connected and engaged, this newsletter would not be sufficient space.
To Julie, Gail, Paul, Ron, Rachel, Kyle, Polly, and Jace: from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the faithful, good work that you are doing. I am honored to be a part of our team for another year!
all good things to each of you,

Dr. D.

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