Pastor’s Message – May 24, 2022

The Prayer List & Prayer Practices for Summer

This upcoming weekend is the “unofficial” start of the summer season, and we will conclude our Easter series on John’s gospel in Sunday worship. The Scriptures assigned for June and July lend themselves beautifully to a topic we can never exhaust: prayer.

I’ll share more on this worship series in a couple of weeks, but in preparation for it, we are making some changes to our church’s prayer list. It is an honor to hold one another’s needs before the Lord, and we want to continually improve on how we share prayer concerns with you. Please note the following changes to our church’s list.

1. When you ask to put someone on the prayer list, he/she will remain on the list for two months. If you wish for the person to remain on the list for longer, you may notify the church office.

2. When you submit a prayer request, please keep the church office updated on how the person is doing.

3. For the sake of space in our Sunday order of worship, we’ll print the prayer list in the newsletter but not in the bulletin.

4. We will provide an updated and more detailed prayer list at the monthly prayer service on the first Wednesday of the month. We hope you will attend.

5. Most importantly, when you have this list in front of you, take a moment to call out at least some of the names before the Lord and offer prayers for them.

Thank you for helping us to improve on the ways we share prayer concerns. It is an honor to intercede for one another, and Jesus waits to hear from us. So, let us pray…

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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