Pastor’s Message – October 27, 2021

Learning to Worship on Sundays Again

In his book, Calling and Character, William H. Willimon writes the following:

“Sunday is the key that explains to the world and to the church why we are the church. In our Sunday worship Christians serve the world by showing the world that God has not left us alone and that we have good work to do. Sabbath is a weekly reminder that we are created for no better purpose than to praise God and to enjoy God forever. ”

We need Sundays. We need to worship. And in worshipping on Sundays, we encounter our deep need for God and for one another.

For those of us who work on Sundays or are physically unable to come to the building, thanks be to God for technology and resources that can connect us when life and circumstances keep us from being physically present in worship. For those who are able, though, it’s time to learn to worship on Sundays again. Notice that I don’t say, “come to church.” Instead, the invitation is to come and worship. To set aside the time. To prioritize Jesus. To make the journey. To encounter him face to face. To come together.

We must prioritize worshipping regularly together again, remembering the sabbath together and keeping it holy. We’ve heard so much about togetherness over the past year, that “we’re all in this together.” For us, beloved brothers and sisters of the faith, it’s time for us to be together in Him regularly, consistently, and reverently.

In a world of increasing conveniences, God calls us to do what may feel inconvenient.

Even though the past year and a half may have changed the way we approach Sundays, I encourage you to return to the seventh day of creation, to the day of resurrection. To sing his praises. To receive his body and blood. To gather around the one true, loving God. To learn to worship on Sundays again.

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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