Pastor’s Message – September 13, 2022

Learning to Fall

Years ago, while getting ready to teach a morning yoga class, my elbow grazed the handle of a glass mug in my kitchen. So began its slow descent to a crash. I placed the larger chunks of glass in a paper bag and swept the smaller parts into a dustpan. I got on my hands and knees and scanned the floor, in search of delicate slices of glass.

The yoga class that I’d planned for that day focused on balancing. We built our way into a pose that required standing on one foot at a time, I watched the students shake and waver. I thought of how desperately they were trying not to fall— and how I did not want for them to fall! I reminded them to breathe, noticing the strain on faces.

When we finally reached the time for resting pose, they happily sunk onto their backs, and my thoughts returned to the falling mug. Nobody wants to fall. Nobody wants their favorite things to fall and break. And nobody really wants to start the day by picking a broken cup off the kitchen floor.

Yet falling is part of life — and a large part of the disciple’s life.

I assure you that unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it can only be a single seed. But if it dies, it bears much fruit. Those who love their lives will lose them, and those who hate their lives in this world will keep them forever. (John 12:24-25, Common English Bible)

Following Jesus sometimes means letting things ‘fall’ away. We often hear the saying, “Let go, and let God.” But I would add to that, “Let it fall.” Let the broken pieces of our lives fall. Let the fight to be in control fall. Let the resentment fall. Let the past fall.

After my yoga students that day fought potential tumbles for an hour, they happily “fell” onto their backs for prayer and meditation. In the falling, we let go. In the falling, we let God. In the falling, we rise with Christ to new heights.

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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