Stewardship Message – November 5, 2019

                                                  Tis the Season of Harvest and Beyond!
             Now that the air is becoming “crispy” and cooler, all nature prepares and engages in the change of the seasons!  The colorful tress, plants bearing fruits and seeds, migrating birds and butterflies, busy animals getting ready for winter, “slanting sunlight”, brilliant blue skies (and even the cooler rains) are just a few of the signs and glories of autumn.
We 2-legged natural creatures also exhibit fall changes in our activities at school, work, church, and home.  The harvest season is definitely a “busy people season” even if one is not a farmer!  We “take stock” of our year.  We plan and make decisions. We vote and pay some taxes.  We share and celebrate traditions.  We pray prayers of thanksgiving, hope and peace for the future.
As United Methodists, we honor and remember our saints of passed  family and friends. We make pledges to support and continue (or begin) our Christian efforts in this life to provide caring and love in so many ways.
And last, but not least, the FUMC choirs begin learning and practicing Christmas music in early fall!  Have any of you heard us humming or singing to ourselves songs of Advent?  Are there any of you out there who would like to share your gift of voice with your church family to praise Jesus and the Holy Spirit during this season of harvest and upcoming Advent?  We are blessed with a talented, kind and encouraging director who appreciates all of our “joyful voices and noises.”  Believe me…this is a stewardship with many (intangible and blessed) benefits, for every season!  Tis a wonderful season to prepare and share because you care.Your friend and (noisy) choir member,
Mary Carr Ecklund

P.S. This is an invitation to sing with us if only for this wonderful season!
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