Discernment Key Terms

Disaffiliation: the process for a local UMC church to separate from the United Methodist Church denomination.
Book of Discipline: a United Methodist Church book outlining the law, doctrine, administration, organizational work and procedures of the UMC
Trust Clause: means that all our property and assets are held “in trust” by the United Methodist Church
Apportionments: Our contribution to UMC’s budget and ministry
Connection: The worldwide global ministry including Churches, missions, outreach, camp ministries etc.

3 Sides of the Debate*

Traditionalists: (those who welcome LGBTQ persons but who wish to prohibit marriage and ordination of persons in same-sex relationships). Typically pro disaffiliation.
Progressives*: (those who advocate for full inclusion, including marriage and ordination of persons in same-sex relationships) Typically against disaffiliation.
Centrists*: (those who allow for differences of opinion)
*These are broad descriptions. Many people fall within a range between groups.