Pastor’s Message 02/13/2024

Isaac’s Insights & Leroy’s Lesson

Since adopting Leroy the puppy (or perhaps I should say, being adopted by him), I can’t help but reflect on his similarities and differences to Isaac, my beloved dog who passed away last June. I’ve even called Leroy by Isaac’s name accidentally a few times, and he seems to know who I’m talking about! I can already tell they are very different dogs, but one thing they share in common is that they are naturally teachers. Isn’t that so true of our canines and felines? It’s no wonder that God teaches us through them. After all, He created all of the animals of earth, sky, and sea before forming us from the dust. They existed before we did, and along with all of creation are telling the glory of God.
As we enter the Lenten season, we will hear the statement, “Remember that from dust you came, and to dust you shall return.” The animals are some of our best teachers of this truth: we live, and we die, but through Jesus Christ we die to self so we might live forever with Him!
As hard as it was to say goodbye to Isaac last year, in Leroy we’re experiencing resurrection life in a new way. I pray that you will find new life as well this season as we worship together, vision together, and pray together as the body of Christ.
Know how grateful I am for each of you. It’s an honor to serve as your pastor.
all good things,
dr. d

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