Pastor’s message 7.24.23

The “O-bark-tuary”

This is an abbreviated version of the canine obituary I wrote for my dog, Isaac. To read or listen to the longer version of Isaac’s “o-bark-tuary,” visit my website,

 Dog-tor Isaac Duckworth, 12+ canine years/80+human years, peacefully entered eternity on June 30, 2023. While his exact birth date is unknown, he first appeared on August 29, 2012, in Cleveland, MS, along with the remnants of a hurricane. Wearing only a purple collar with no tag, he followed the scent of canines Sam and Homer, and their human companion, Jamie, on their morning walk. Jamie began calling him Isaac (the name of the hurricane he accompanied) and convinced the new Methodist pastor in town to meet him. Pastor Darian immediately said, “Yep, that’s my dog,” became his pet parent and human sidekick, and gave him the title of paw-stor. He readily accepted the role but quickly questioned that decision when he learned this involved working on Sunday mornings.

After failing obedience school, a feat accomplished by only 10% of dogs his trainer had seen, Isaac’s pet parent accepted the fact that he needed to train her instead. They learned how to communicate with each other, she learned to obey, and he gradually submitted to her requests as well. Upon arriving in West Point, Isaac self-appointed himself the mayor and loved every inch of “his town.”  His morning walks downtown, afternoon rides in the neighborhoods, and weekend rides in the county were routines that became sacred rituals. He also considered himself the CEO of Love’s Truck Stop, his favorite place to visit and to welcome travelers in Clay County.

Though he began to show initial signs of slowing down in mid-2021, Isaac adapted with grace and joy. Though we wish he could have hung around with us for longer, we rejoice that he is running in circles around the heavenly throne room and scratching his back in forever-green pastures. If he were to choose a favorite verse of Scripture, it would probably be Job 12:7: Ask the animals and they will teach you.

Thank you for listening with me to “insight from Isaac” the past seven years. May the insight continue!

all good things to each you,

dr. darian

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