Pastor’s Message – December 14, 2021

A Season of Light

Isaac the dog and I were recently on our daily walk close to sunrise. We were strolling south at a slow pace when I could see the sun shining brightly and beautifully as it rose into the cold sky. Then I looked more closely and stopped in confusion (much to Isaac’s disappointment).

The sun was shining and rising in the west. Wait a minute—the sun rises in the east. What was happening? I double checked my own direction. We were definitely facing south, and the direction of the sun was certainly to the west before 7AM. Isaac pulled me back to reality with a demand to keep walking, so we kept walking through the confusion.

As we walked, and as I paid better attention, I saw the reason for the world seemingly shifting on its axis. What I had been looking at in the west was not the sun itself. I had been looking at a large window of a building, and that window was a reflection the sun rising in the east.

Advent is a season of light piercing the darkness, and it is also a season where the light surprises us. After all, our ancestors had no idea that Isaiah’s prophecy of darkness covering the earth and the deep darkness covering the people would be broken by the birth of a baby. When the light is brightest, it seems to come to us from all directions, and so it is with the light of Jesus.

As we inch closer to the celebration of the Savior’s birth, is your life reflecting his light like that window with the sunrise?

I hope your plans will include worshiping the Lord on Christmas Eve at either 3PM or 5PM. We will also have one worship service on Sunday, December 26, at 11AM.

Let us prepare our hearts and lives to carry the light that no darkness can extinguish.

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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