Pastor’s Message – December 17, 2019

Visions & Re-Visions
 Years ago at an art festival in southern Louisiana, I came upon a unique advent wreath. Made not from greenery but from clay, the “wreath” was a large, circular plate with four small, raised circles to cup the candles. Around the candles the potter had written in cursive four names: Messiah. Lord. Christ. Jesus. It was perfect! I had to have it.
Unfortunately, when I later tried to place candles in the indentions, none of them would stay upright. I measured the spaces, bought candles of various diameters, trying to find a set that would fit. Frustrated, I eventually resorted to using tea lights. Though the wreath didn’t look the way I’d originally envisioned it with three tall purple and one pink candles, I’ve come to love the revised version. After all, light is still light no matter the candle’s size.
This is our last newsletter of 2019, which has me thinking a lot about a new year, not only because of the Advent season but also as January 2020 nears. One year ago, what did you envision for yourself in 2019? Did you have goals as specific as three purple and one pink candle? Most likely, we’ve all had to revise and improvise our goals and plans at some point. The end results looking differently than what we expected does not make them any less beautiful.
The seasons of Advent and Christmas remind us of a great yet simple responsibility as followers of the Christ child: we are called to shine the light. Like the Advent wreath, sometimes we have to experiment with different ways to shine that light, but the heat and power of the flame does not belong to us. The holy Light does not adjust to our liking. Instead, we must make adjustments in our lives as the Light transforms us. Yes, we set goals and visions for ourselves as well as our church, but we must remain open to how the Spirit tweaks those plans for His glory.
I look forward to the visions and re-visions that God has in store for us in the new year. Know how grateful I am for each of you. It is an honor to serve as you pastor.
                                                                                                    all good things to each of you,
Pastor (Dr.) Darian
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