Pastor’s message – January 10, 2023

The Eyes of Jesus: An Epiphany Worship Series

Jan. 15 – Feb. 19, 2023

2023 has dawned, and we have entered a new season on the church calendar. The season after Epiphany is a time where we bask in the light of Jesus, a time of spiritual growth as we stand between the wonder of Bethlehem’s star and the love of the cross.

Last November, we began talking about the topic of vision, and this month we will pick up on that theme. If we are to seek God’s vision for our lives and for our Church, we sometimes inadvertently skip an important step by offering a vital prayer:

Jesus, help me to see through your eyes.

If we are to seek Jesus’ vision, we have to pray that he would help us to see through his eyes. When I was a teenager, there was a contemporary Christian song titled, “Through His Eyes,” whose lyrics have held a place in my memory.

If we could see through his eyes, then we could dare to love the way God loves.

If we could see through his eyes, then we would understand the way God understands.

For his eyes see through the surface right down to our needs,

Far beyond where we are to where we can be

If we can only see through his eyes.

This is my heart’s prayer for us as we search God’s Word together in the weeks ahead. I look forward to the ways God will show us His vision for His church, and it begins with us praying earnestly. Will you join me in this prayer for the new year?

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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