Pastor’s Message – January 4, 2022

January Worship Series: A Quest to Live Well
A Study of Ecclesiastes

Every year in the Revised Common Lectionary, the Old Testament lesson is a familiar passage in Ecclesiastes. In fact, it’s possibly the only passage many of us have read in this short book of wisdom. When we look at the whole book, however, we discover a wealth of insight for how to live well.

Most likely, King Solomon deserves credit for much of the writing in Ecclesiastes in the later part of his earthly life. However, the word, “Ecclesiastes” is a Greek word translated as preacher, teacher, or quester. I especially like that third term that Eugene Peterson favored in his Message translation of Scripture. Isn’t the start of the new year a great time to embark on a ‘quest’ to live well?

For the month of January, we are going to dig more deeply than the familiar “season” passage of the third chapter and study some passages from Ecclesiastes. With five Sundays in January, we won’t cover all twelve chapters, but we should be able to touch on most of its themes. You’ll quickly notice that this book is a bit repetitive and sometimes reads like someone speaking his thoughts out loud in a stream of consciousness. It’s a very different book of Scripture but a rich one that will take us on an adventure together.

I hope your new year includes plans to study and meditate on God’s Word. If you ever want a conversation partner on what you’re reading, know that I would love to discuss with you over a cup of tea or coffee! Here’s to a new year of growing closer to God with one another and in His Word!

all good things to each of you,
Dr Darian

Update on the church’s covid task force: We are so thankful to Melanie Sanders, Bill Maclean, Jim Helveston, Jessi Sugg, Robin McCormick and Marc Stewart for nearly two years of leading us through the covid pandemic. They are taking a well-deserved break in this new year, and please thank them for their invaluable service. If needed, I will assemble a new task force from our current leadership and keep you posted. In the meantime, know that I’ll be consulting with our church’s leaders as we continue to monitor the pandemic. Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep our church family safe. all good things
~ Dr. Darian

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