Pastor’s Message – January 7, 2020

Fresh Mercies Every Morning
The great hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” includes in the chorus a powerful reminder of God’s sustenance: Morning by morning, new mercies I see. When I hear or sing these words, I remember a trip I made to a village in France during seminary. There was a local baker in town, and every morning people would travel there for fresh bread. While the bread was edible beyond one day, it was better when new each morning.
Last week, the local bakery from which we buy bread for Holy Communion was closed for a holiday break, so I offered to pick up a couple of loaves elsewhere. I bought the loaves on Friday, and how delicious they smelled. However, when I arrived on Sunday morning, those loaves were hard as rocks! We made do for the early worship service, but as soon as it was over I ran to Wal-Mart in search of fresh bread and new mercies. (And I even saw some of you there who were skipping church! Haha.)
The Bread of Life, whose sacrifice we remember and participate in at the Lord’s Table, never grows stale. He desires to feed us each and every day. Have you asked for new, fresh mercies each day? Now’s a good time to start. Let us declare how great his faithfulness is by testifying to a God whose hand has provided all we have ever needed—and all that we need for today.
                                                                                                    all good things to each of you,
Pastor Darian
Lectionary Texts for Sunday, January 12, 2020 (Baptism of the Lord)
Isaiah 42:1-9
Psalm 29
Acts 10:34-43
Matthew 3:13-17
Last Friday, The United Methodist Church was in the news because of a proposal that recommends splitting the denomination. Please know that no changes have taken place in our Church’s structure. Only the General Conference of the UMC can vote on such matters, and that conference will convene in May of this year. This proposal is one of many petitions that the General Conference will consider. I will share more information with you in educational sessions and conversations closer to the time of General Conference. I will also post on the church’s Facebook page a couple of articles that will go into more detail. If you wish to make an appointment to visit with me one-on-one about this matter, know that I am available. ~ Pastor Darian
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