Pastor’s Message – June 8, 2021

Stories of SUMMER: A Worship Series for June and July

The summer season is an ideal time to immerse ourselves in the stories of Scripture. All of us likely can think of a Bible story that has stuck with us over the years: Jonah and the whale, Noah’s ark, Jesus’ parable of the sower, the healing of blind Bartimaeus … The list is almost endless!

Starting June 20 and continuing through the end of July, we will spend our Sunday morning worship hour immersed in some of these stories. I encourage you to read the Scripture passage ahead of time, which you can find every week on the reverse side of this newsletter. As you read, imagine that you have traveled through a time machine and are present when the story is taking place. Think about what you see, smell, and hear. Ask yourself what you are doing when the action of the story is taking place. For example, on June 20, we’ll be talking about David getting ready to fight Goliath. Are you helping David put on his armor? Helping him gather the stones? Or are you hiding in the shadows and simply watching?

Imagining ourselves in the stories of Scripture is a wonderful way to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice speak to us. The more we read these stories, the deeper the roots of Scriptural truth grow in us. Let’s not only be a people who know the stories but are able to tell them with joy to future generations.

I look forward to a great season of sacred storytelling with you!

all good things to each of you,
Dr. Darian

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