Pastor’s Message – May 26, 2020

What We Need To Know: Replacing “When” With “What”

Dearly Beloved Friends,

I now have a better understanding of what Paul, Peter, James, John, and other leaders of the early Church experienced when they wrote letters to various congregations. They were separated geographically from people whom they loved, and they had so many words of grace, love, and instruction to say in so little space.

It is in that same spirit of longing that I write this modern-day pastoral letter to you with an invitation. Many of us are asking the question of, “When?”

When can we come back to the church building?

This is the question that pulled up a virtual chair at the virtual table of our task force’s meeting last week. After prayerful discussion, we made the decision not yet to set a date for in-person gatherings in our church building. As we talked I realized the question we have been asking and need to continue asking is “what” before we ask “when.” I cannot emphasize enough the volume of decisions that we still need to make and implement before we can begin offering in-person gatherings again.

Because this space is limited, I want to issue an invitation for you to learn more. This Thursday, May 28, at 6PM, I’m going to record from the sanctuary a pastoral address that goes into more detail about (a) what needs to be done before we can regather and (b) why those decisions matter. We will be on Facebook Live at that time, but the video will be available for you to watch at your convenience on Facebook and You Tube. We’ll also put the contents of the video into writing for next week’s newsletter.

What might you do? Pray. Then, pray some more. And when you think you’re done, remember the Scripture that said, “pray without ceasing.” It was the plea of a pastor named Paul writing to a congregation he longed to see. And let us not forget that one Pentecost morning, while God’s people were praying, the Holy Spirit arrived with fresh power. Let us be such a prayerful people!

all good things to each of you,
Dr. D.

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