Stewardship Message – October 18, 2022

One Priority for Running and Finishing the Race Well:
A Stewardship Message from Our Lay Leader

As a retired football coach, I truly understand the importance of running the race with a mindset of doing our best. We have truly been blessed here at FUMC West Point. When Joyce and I first started visiting here many years ago, I remember the discussions we had about being so impressed with the people here. What stuck out to us was that this was a group of people who truly wanted to please God.

I had just finished reading a book about David at that time. David was known as a man after God’s own heart. I saw the members of this church as being people after God’s own heart. Years later, Joyce and still see our church as being one after God’s own heart. Though we have been blessed in many ways, I see a great need.

One of our many blessings is that we have an awesome group of youth and a great group of children who need leadership. Even though we have wonderful volunteers that work hard to take care of them, we have an opening for a Youth and Children’s Minister. We need to fill this position with top-notch people who will work tirelessly toward overseeing the spiritual needs of our young people. Meeting the spiritual needs of our young people is a top priority, for they are the future of our church. Just like hiring a coach at our local schools if we want the best possible person to coach our teams, we must be competitive in paying this person. We shouldn’t expect to get the best person possible if we don’t compensate them competitively. My prayer is that God leads a top-notch person to us and that we are prepared to compensate them well. And we will have high expectations of this person.

I would ask that each one of us pray that God will lead this person or people to our church and that we pray that God will provide us with the money to pay them competitively. This is one of the ways we can run this race and finish well.

Freddie Brister, Lay Leader

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