Pastor’s Message 02/20/2024

The Origin of “All Good Things”
“Those who are taught the Word should share all good things with their teacher.”
— Galatians 6:6

In August of 2011, I attended a weeklong workshop at the Collegeville Institute entitled, “Writing and the Pastoral Life.” Shortly after returning home, I couldn’t help but gush about my experiences. Have you ever traveled somewhere that had such beautiful sights and memorable experiences that you struggled to describe them to people who weren’t there? That’s how I felt when I tried to write about my time at the institute.

Four years later, I still gush about that week.I still struggle for words to describe how good the time was. So I resorted to saying it was, “all good stuff.” The phrase became my signature, and after reading the above verse, I changed it to “all good things.” There is little difference between the two phrases, but they express the same sentiment. There is so much in life that we can call “good.” For all that stuff and those things, we thank the Source of goodness.

The origin of “all good things” is not only one verse of Scripture. It’s not one workshop in Minnesota. The origin of all good things is the One who declared this world, “good,” with the words of creation. And yes, he is always good!

I encourage you to set aside time to name all the good stuff in your life: past, present, and future. Name those experiences. Share those stories. Turn your gaze toward the heavens and away from the screens. Tell the Lord, “You are good.” Hear him say in return, “So are you.”

all good things to each of you,
dr. d

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