Pastor’s Message – June 7, 2022

                                                                                                        Quilting Our Prayers: Practices & Patterns

Two of my great-grandmothers loved to quilt, and while I’ve never taken up the craft, their work has taken care of me over the years. For as far back as I can remember, a quilt with a butterfly pattern that one great-grandmother made for me has been in my room or on my bed. Each square is unique with its patterns and colors, but the basic butterfly pattern is the same.

The other quilt, made by a great-grandmother I never knew, was an unusual bear-claw pattern, and each square was made from my mom’s and aunt’s childhood clothes. Up until ten years ago, it was simply a ‘quilt top.’ We needed to add padding and have it stitched appropriately to become a ‘real quilt.’ It is one of my favorite things to show people when they come to the house!

I don’t know a lot about quilting, but I do know it is an art that requires practice and patterns. I also know that great beauty emerges from those times spent in detail with each square. The same is true for our prayer lives. The ways we can pray are numerous and creative, and the Scripture is full of patterns that we can follow. The Holy Spirit brings the vibrant colors to our lives.

For the months of June and July, in worship we will be talking about our prayer patterns and practices, growing spiritually in how we talk with God and intercede for the world’s needs. When we bring each of our ‘squares’ of prayer to God’s house, what a beautiful piece emerges! I look forward to worshipping with you this summer.

all good things to each of you,
Dr Darian

Lectionary Texts for Trinity Sunday, June 12, 2022
Proverbs 8:1-4
Psalm 8
Romans 5:1-5
John 16:12-15

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